We believe
connected care
is better care.

Our technology enhances collaboration, bridges disconnected data silos, and delivers fast, efficient patient care - and that's better for everyone.​

What is

iCare OCULO facilitates the development of a stronger patient-focussed community of care among clinicians.​

We are changing the way patient information is shared between health care professionals, address the known challenges in clinical communication between a collaborative care network of health care providers.​

iCare OCULO is designed to share clinical correspondence securely and instantly between health care professionals.​

That’s why we have implemented world-best-practice security measures to make sure that any data that is sent via Oculo is only seen by the people you intend to see it.

Ensuring data security and patient privacy is at the core of who we are and central to everything we do.​

Oculo is centralising patient medical histories, ocular examination results and clinical imagery, moving health care decision making from one snapshot in time to longitudinal, cloud-based, collaborative and integrated patient care.​

Care wherever you are with Telehealth

Arrange high quality, completely secure video consultations from wherever there is internet

Patient data remains completely private

We know patients and their technical confidence varies. All they'll need is the internet and a normal web browser. They can use a laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet (like iPad). No-need to download an app - it's just a matter of clicking a link!

Secure. Only you and your patients can access the call

All of the video and audio in a consultation is fully encrypted using DTLS-SRTP encryption.

No one outside can see or hear what is happening in your video consultations.

Easy to use, no matter your technical capabilities

We don't share or record any clinical data or information in a call.

We comply with the data protection regulations of HIPAA, the GDPR and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Who uses iCareOCULO?

iCare OCULO is a world-leading eye care platform that connects ophthalmology, optometry, primary care, emergency rooms, and patients to share clinical information and enhance referrals, triage, and collaborative care.​

The iCare OCULO network makes the transfer of patient information, including clinical imaging, referrals, and other clinical correspondence simple and seamless. The iCare OCULO platform is an asset for any medical business that relies on manual processes in their clinical practice.



+1 million


​We partner with organisations who value innovation, aren't afraid to disrupt the status quo in order to address growing global health challenges - and who care about facilitating better outcomes for patients who are stuck in health systems that are poorly connected.

What the industry is saying about iCare OCULO

Oculo is straightforward to use, allowing us to easily triage our referrals therefore ensuring fast and appropriate patient care.

Leanne Cooper​
Practice Manager, Retina Consultants

Ophthalmologists can access quality information from across the country to provide more timely, better-informed care.

Assoc. Prof. Angus Turner​​
Lions Outback Vision, Perth

Oculo is a secure referral platform that enables our optometrists to improve collaborative care, while providing insight into the impact we have on patient outcomes.
Jeena Tan
Head of Clinical Systems, Specsavers

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